March 19, 2010

End of the week already.  Well, not quite, because my week doesn’t really ‘end’ until sometime Sunday afternoon.  But, as far as school classes are concerned, this is the end.

I was a bit in awe this week at my roommates.  They cleaned up the house for me.  If you saw my two-part video on Facebook, “Let’s Go to My Home from home”, you’d know how big this house is.  Now, I like space.  For the most part, living with two roommates and 6 six cats, quite frankly, I need the space!  As well, as I don’t like touching two walls while sitting at my computer.  However, with this comes a price.  Cleaning!

Besides my regular day-to-day stuff I do (lesson planning, feeding cats and various other ‘pets’) there’s also laundry, sweeping floors and staircases, mopping said floors and staircases, filing of class material, taking out the garbage… well, anyone who owns or rents their own place, understands this all too well.  Right, mom?

I remember when I was in my late teens.  I was very eager to move into my first apartment.  I remember it quite well.  It was actually quite disgusting, as most places are when you first move in.  However, in time, it became my home.  It was in downtown London, had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, came furnished, and the only thing that slips my mind, is how much per month.

Since then, I’ve lived in many, many rental units from London, to Ottawa, to Windsor, to New Westminster, to Gangshan, and Tainan.  I’ve had nice places, I’ve had crappy places, I’ve had quiet places, I’ve had noisy places, I’ve had small places, I’ve had big places.  However, the one thing that is common with all of these places, is the ‘daily’ upkeep.

I have a new found respect for people who, one way or another, stay at home rather than working.  Okay, for some people it is unavoidable, for others, it’s a choice.  Whatever the reason, to maintain a home, whether renting or buying, is a full-time job.

I was thinking about this when I saw that the house was cleaned up.  There is a specific reason why the daunting task of cleaning up was done.  It’s not important at this time.  But it did make me think about someone else.

Let me tell you a story, of what I know about this person.

I’ve done a bit of research, going back on older messages on Facebook, and realized that this person is, in my opinion, an amazing individual.  I would be foolish to think that I know everything about this person, since they really haven’t been a part of my life for a few years.  Nonetheless, here’s what I have gathered:

This person volunteers for many causes, some of which I support 100%.  The ones I know of are:  The Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada (;  The Nelson Park Softball Association, Inc. (;  this person helps to raise funds for Cancer Research;  volunteers/chairs their children’s Parent Teacher Assocation;  involved in their sons’ extra-curricular activities (ie, bowling), including attending tournaments;  on top of these time-consuming events, this person also has time to work full-time for one of Canada’s major newspapers, help with the raising of two (I must say, extremely handsome young boys – but why not, they have the JACKLIN blood in them – haha), has been married 10+ years, and still finds time to keep up with the daily tasks involved in running a home.

Now, this person’s partner must be helping in all this.  And for that, I  have to commend the partner on being able to maintain a great family.  I’ve had the opportunity to chat online with the ‘nephews’ a couple of times, and they seem to be great kids.  I’ve never actually met them, but, okay, I’m a bit biased, they are great kids (to me at least).

Have you figured out who you are yet?

As I said earlier in this message, just taking care of a house is full-time job… yes, JOB!  For all you people out there who think that staying at home, doing laundry, washing dishes, mopping floors, sweeping floors, straightening the bedrooms, making beds, picking up toys, tossing out garbage, cleaning windows, changing the fish tank, feeding pets, making meals, etc., etc., etc.,  is easy, I say, “GET A LIFE!”  You do this for ONE day, and tell me it isn’t a full-time job!

I personally do not volunteer at any organization here in Taiwan, although I wish I had the time to do so.  I’m not going to relate all the volunteer and support work I’ve done over the years, because this particular blog today, is not about me.


You amaze me.  I’ve read your blogs, read some of your messages, read what you’re doing, and am happy for you, that you have a supportive husband that puts up with everything you do.  Whether it be through necessity or just the fact that you want to do some good in this tiny community we call earth, you certainly are an inspiration.

From the middle of February, I’ve read about some of the things you are involved in… Parent Teacher Association, going to son’s bowling tournaments, raising money for Cancer Research, and now, the Spring Sprint 2010 for The Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada… OMG!  And you still have time to go to work, share with Jason the raising of two fine kids, run a house, and still have time to, as I say, ‘play’ on the computer…

For the short time that I’ve gotten to know you again, you’ve become an inspiration to me.  You’ve proven again, that there really are good people on this planet.  I’m not trying to put you under the spotlight or embarrass you, because I’m sure, your husband of 10+ years must be a great guy as well.  Truly, both of you can share the spotlight together.

I read your message about Spring Sprint 2010.  I did reply, but since I am in Taiwan, unfortunately, I am not able to attend.  Believe me when I say this, that my spirit will be with you!  You’re doing an amazing job, and I am truly, one proud older brother!

You go, girl!



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2 responses to “March 19, 2010

  1. Sandra Livingston

    W-O-W that was amazing Bill and she should be proud of you too!

  2. Robin

    Wow! Even though we haven’t been in touch for quite some time, you’ve certainly caught up with everything that’s going on in my life! 😉

    Sometimes I feel like I may be juggling too many balls in the air, but then I think, we only live once. Some people lose their lives much too early and maybe didn’t have the chance to do things that made them happy.

    Now, we don’t have a lot of money, so vacations, traveling, lavishing gifts on my children…these are things that we simply can’t do. But I can definitely show my family that I care about them in other ways. I try to support my kids in everything they do (sports, school). I support causes in memory of people who have died (cancer, brain tumours). And hopefully find time to show my husband that we can still be happy together after so many years.

    Maybe I spend too much time with the cats (I love them too!), or spend too much time on the computer (damn you, Farmville!), but sometimes you need to have a little bit of fun. You should enjoy every little thing you do, especially if it is important to you.

    But honestly, some days I do not do ANY housework at all! As the boys are getting older, they are taking on more responsibility around the house, such as doing the dishes or cleaning the turtle tank. Without having a drivers’ licence (shocked?), I definitely rely on my husband to accompany us on many out-of-town engagements (ie. tournaments, work-related trips). As you can see, we are all in this together!

    Thank you for this amazing blog entry and for all your support. And Sandra was definitely right…I’m very proud to be your sister as well!

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