March 15, 2010

Here it is 2:22 am, and I’m getting ready to crash for a couple more hours before I must get up for work.

You see, after this week (Eloise, party, new babies), I think I just tuckered myself out.  This bod can’t go on the way it used to.  I push myself, I know, to do what I used to do when I was a few years, okay, a lot of years, younger.  So, I’ve come down with the sniffles, and I guess, a bit of a cold.

My only complaint about getting sick, is why the weekend??  Every time I get a sick, it always begins on Friday night, carries through the weekend, and by Monday morning, I’m back to normal.  I guess I should be thankful that it doesn’t interfere too much with work (Sat and Sun are busy, but easy enough).  I should also be thankful that me ole bod can cure itself rather quickly [insert writer trying to pat himself on the back, and getting a sore arm!].

The other thing about getting these sniffles and colds, is that, I don’t feel hungry.  And, I spend too much time doing something that I think, personally, is a waste of time, but of course, is necessary.  That being, sleep.  I understand the whole concept of why we need to have this all important function.  Give the body rest, let it regenerate, allow things to calm down, etc., etc.  But still, it’s a waste of time!

I got home around 4pm today, well, March 14 actually, after classes.  My day was now finished.  I was trying to chat with a friend, and found myself practically falling asleep at the computer.  So, went to lay down.  I set my alarm for 7:30, and woke up at 12:30!  I don’t even get this much rest on a normal day.  I guess, I needed it.  But when I woke up, I wasn’t hungry… strange.  I only eat one meal a day as it is (okay, stop gasping!) – dinner.  Yes, all you nutritionists out there, and I can hear you, are telling me, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  Whatever.  For you, okay.  For me, not okay…  My breakfast consists of two or three cups of the most delicious coffee on the planet – MY COFFEE!

There was a kindergarten I worked for a few years ago.  They fed their children like I have never seen before.  Just watching these kids eat, and finding out their ‘consumption schedule’ for the day, made me, quite frankly, sick to my stomach.  At 08:00, they were all given a snack – usually some sort of gloppy looking watered-down rice dish.  The name of this dish has slipped my brain for a moment, but think of oatmeal/porridge with a little too much water added when it was being cooked.  Remember the movie Oliver??  He goes up to the headmaster and says, “Please sir, can I have some more?”  Well, that’s about what this stuff looks like.

Then, 10:00.  Snack time.  This is usually bread with jam or some seasonal fruit.  12:00.  Lunchtime.  This is the concoction that on some days, I may have tried a couple of pieces of whatever was prepared, but mostly, I just had a bowl of rice.  Most times though, I left before lunch was served.  I’ve seen some of the preparations that the junior high kids get for lunch, and again, I can’t stomach that at ANY time of the day.  Nonetheless, 14:00.  The kids have just woken up from their nap time (12:30-14:00 – DAMN), and need to be fed again.  More fruit or sandwiches, or whatever may be sitting in the fridge.  16:00… Snack time #3.  Parents are starting to pick the little darlings up from kindergarten, while little boy or girl is stuffing their face with some kind of bread product.

Okay, at least the kids are eating.  Perhaps some parents, just like North Americans, don’t have a lot of money, and the kids end up suffering by not eating well at home.  So, for that, I commend the school system or the government for at least making sure that the kids do have food for their bodies during the day… but my god, 6 meals a day?  When I’m travelling on holidays, yes, I always have breakfast, a couple of snacks through the day, and then dinner.  When I’m at home, dinner only.  I don’t know why.

But this eating time schedule carries on throughout the Taiwanese people’s lives after kindergarten.  At school, kids are always eating between classes, and not just one or two, most!  They have breaks for 10 minutes every hour, and they have to eat while they’re going to their next class.  I’ve seen teachers eating during the time I’m in their class.  Eating before class.  Treating the students to McDonalds or pizza about once a week.  I just have to admire that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can eat so much in one day, and still have a waist the size of my wrist!  And then, turn to me and say, “… but I have to go on a diet …”  A diet!  Okay, I agree, but why?  A diet from eating 12 meals a day, but why?  You’re 25 years old and you still shop for your clothes in the children’s section, because ‘adult’ clothes are too big!!

Well, after all this about food, I’m still not hungry.  But my babies are.  Their feeding time has long since passed because I was sleeping.  Now they’re starting to get crazy… Arabela is licking my ankle and nipping it.  Cornelia keeps crying like she’s dying.  And I’ve got four other cats hanging around.  Okay, I get it… they’re hungry.  So, I’ll go and feed them now.

I just remembered, there still some cookies left from Cliff’s sister’s wedding.   Hmmmm….


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