March 12, 2010

Okay, so my last full day of being 47.  That means, that technically, I cannot (as my sister so valiantly wants to stress to me), I cannot round DOWN anymore.  At least not this decade.  for the next 8 or so years, I can say that I’m about 50!  OMG, 50.  Half a century!  Five decades…  W-O-W.

Some things that I can no longer do at this age:  1)  I can no longer sit with my little kindergarteners, cross-legged on the floor without having them help me up… 2) I can no longer answer a questionnaire that asks what age bracket I’m in (40-45)…  3) I can no longer get piss-eyed drunk with my friends (not that I would anyway, but I kind of liked the idea that I COULD)… 4) I can no longer understand teenagers (well, that’s been for a while now… I understand my parents a little better)… 5) I can no longer understand Sponge Bob (again, not that I could, but even less so now)…

Some things that I can do at this age:  1) speak with authority, and people actually pay attention… 2) drive like an old man and people understand (sorry all you senior folk who do drive, but some of you, WHOA)… 3) I can drink most kids half my age, under the table (YEAH – again, not that that happens, but it’s nice to know that my system now has a tolerance that it didn’t when I was younger)… 4) I can still pass for 35-40 (I know, not really a ‘what I can do’ as much as ‘who I am’ and ‘GOOD GENES’)… 5) Barter, barter, barter (I don’t believe when some young fart tells me something will cost $100, when I can get it for $25)…

I can remember when two people, Doug Garrett and my father, turning 40.  Mom had baked a cake and decorated it herself (I’m pretty sure this one was for Doug Garrett), and she had piped in icing, “Life Begins At 40”.  I know that that is not original, but I was curious what it meant – until I turned 40.  In some ways, yes, life had begun at 40 for me… a new life in Taiwan.

As for dad, when he turned 40, all I remember, even to this day (and forgive me dad), was I hoped I would never be that old!  Well, I well into those years, and honestly, they’ve flown by so fast, I can’t honestly remember my 40th birthday.

I remember a few months ago, someone commenting on their age on television… it went something like this (and I’ll paraphrase for me), “My body feels 50; my mind feels 30; and my attitude (at times) feels 20!”  Yes, I guess being around kids all day long, 7 days a week, I sometimes don’t feel much older than them… more like a big brother, rather than an old teacher.  My mind is still active (as far as I know; just a sec, let me check – – – – – yup, it is), but the body knows for sure!

I know that I’m going on about getting older, but in reality, I still think that age is a state of mind.  I know people here in Taiwan, and in Canada, who are in their 30’s who act more like 50.  Some of them even look more like 50 than 30.  But that’s a whole other topic.  I don’t like when someone treats me like I’m still a kid, who knows nothing.  Maybe it’s perception, but hell, a teenager talking to ME like I’m just a couple years older?  Give me a break.  Maybe, because of what they SEE, they think I’m a younger.  I like surprising the crap out of them by telling them my real age… AND, I have no problem telling people how old I am.  I’m actually proud of the fact that I’ve gotten (very close) to the ‘half century’ mark.

My only wish for this birthday, is that the next 150 years are just as good to me, as the past 50… or so have been.



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2 responses to “March 12, 2010

  1. bilbet

    OK son, to me you are still a young pup. Now, you are going to the down hill slide leading to senior time. When you start thinking of the “golden years” forget it and delete the thought. There is no such thing, it just a myth. Nothing changes as you age except the speed in which you do things. Not so much “old age” as nature’s way of slowing you down.

    I often think about the fact that when you were born, I was 21 times older than you, BUT now I’m only a mere 21 years older than you. Makes you feel a bit squeegy eh?

    Cheer up, enjoy life – we only get one chance at it, so forget the age thing – only something someone dreamed up long, long ago.

  2. Robin

    Just to let you know, I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor and I’m not even 40 yet! But I do understand Sponge Bob, but I definitely owe that to Jackson and Lucas. (Personally, I enjoy Squidward more!)

    That’s good news (that you can still pass for 35-40) for me! I sure hope that is in our genes. This week I volunteered at the school during a program for students who will be starting school in the fall (ie. 3-4 year olds). I was talking to a mother and grandmother and found myself saying, “I feel old,” when I was talking about my kids being in grades 4 and 6. The grandmother told me I didn’t look old, so I believe it may be in the genes!

    Also interesting to note, my husband will be turning the ‘Big 40’ next year, and I wanted to throw him a party. I’ll have to keep the “Life begins at 40” statement in mind when I’m making his cake.

    Hope you celebrated your birthday by drinking SOMEONE under a table! 😉

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