March 11, 2010

Okay, so I’m a bit late today.  It’s around 4:30pm here in Taiwan, and I’ve been wanting to write around 6am after I’ve had my coffee…  Today, well, things have been a little hectic.

However, on a brighter note, I think I may have done something that could change the way we JACKLIN folk communicate with each other.  So often over the past month or so, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of chatting with family members, relatives, and friends over Facebook.  I like Facebook, don’t get me wrong.  I do have a couple of issues with it though.

Messages and chats.  All fine and good, but like any other chat or message system, once the users log off or sign off, the messages are lost.  Where they go, only the cyber-god knows.  Perhaps someone beams them to the next galaxy.  Wherever all those messages go, we will never get them back.

Sometimes, the messages that are related back and forth, are really, in my humble opinion, very interesting.  I wish I could save them, rather than cut and paste in a word program… Lately, as you can tell, I’ve opted for using a blog to write about my experiences in Taiwan, and other feelings and opinions as they enter this brain of mine.

I was chatting with my cousin Bob today from British Columbia.  For those of you who have no idea who he is, well, you’re probably not related.  Bob is Florence (nee Jacklin) and Gord Delion’s oldest son.  He’s been living in BC for I have no idea how long, and even though I lived there for a couple of years, I never had the opportunity to connect with him.  The only unfortunate thing is, he is a few years my senior, and I only have vague recollections of my childhood of seeing him.  I probably saw him more than I know, I just don’t remember.

We were chatting, and he told me about a time when his family at the time, Flossy, Gord, he and probably Kim, would visit the family farm or my parents or something, and the adults would be playing euchre, and the kids causing hell…  what kids don’t, really??  Nonetheless, I thought that was interesting, because it would have been a time before I can remember.

Then, I’m reading through my mom’s and dad’s blogs.  They write about things that, again, I do have some whisper of a memory, but as time goes on, these memories are slowly fading.  It’s interesting that as they write though, the memory comes back as if it happened yesterday.

SO, I though how wonderful it would be, if there was a blog where members of the FAMILY (in this case, JACKLIN and related) could write stories or memoires about, well, THE FAMILY.  How interesting will it be for the future generations, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren (you get the point) to be able to call up a blog, and see stories that were written by their parents or grandparents about the family.  Had the computer age been invented 100 years ago, conceivably, we could be reading stories that our ancestors wrote themselves!

Their lives, their families, their funny stories, anecdotes…  How wonderful it will be for the children growing up now, to write something ABOUT THE FAMILY from their perspective, and read about it, say, 50 years from now, when THEIR children, have children.

I think this could be very interesting.  I’m certainly not saying this is a unique idea.  I’m sure other families already do this type of thing.  A journal, so-to-speak, of who they are, what they are doing, how they are related.  No bitching, no complaining, no back-stabbing, just pure family-related information.

Yes, there are family tree sites, but all we can really get from those, is a quick one or two sentences of who they were and where and when they were born and passed away.  I would love to have read writings from the first Jacklin’s to settle in Canada.  What their thoughts were.  What their dreams were.  What their life was like, coming to a new country.  Unfortunately, all their stories have long since been buried with them.  We only have passed down stories, hopefully as accurate as possible, but we don’t have the first-hand knowledge.

I invite all members of my family, and those that have married into the Jacklin family, to find a moment, or two, or three, and write something in the blog.  To try to keep it as JACKLIN-oriented as possible, I would ask that the username and password (which I will provide you, just ask) remain with the FAMILY and those directly related.  Please, don’t pass it on to a neighbour or a friend, unless of course, your neighbour or friend are part of the family.  Let’s create a living, ongoing, family journal.

The address for the blog site is:

I will give the user and password so you can log onto the blog site to enter your blog entry.

I am not forcing anyone to do this.  I have simply registered the blog, so that if you want, you can write.  I would however, encourage everyone to write at least once…

Take care, and I’ll be waiting to read…


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