March 5, 2010

Today, I think my topic is going to be about BLOGs…

Many of you by now, know what a ‘blog’ is.  It is a webpage written by someone.  The information on these blogs are usual pertinent to that person.  Sometimes, the information is good.  Sometimes it’s information.  Sometimes it’s irritating.  Whatever the reason for the blog, it is meant to be an outlet for a person.

Some of the schools I teach at here in Taiwan, have blogs.  Students are encouraged to write to each other, their teacher, or just write in general.  There is no correct or incorrect subject.  You write what you want, when you want, IF you want.

A few years ago, to my knowledge, there was no such thing as a blog.  The word hadn’t even been invented.  Now, everyone and his aunt and uncle know what it is.  They may not have one, but they’ve heard of them.

About a couple of months ago, I happened across this site.  I don’t know how, or why, but I registered with the intent on writing my own personal feelings and stories.  I just didn’t follow through.  But I kept it anyway – just in case.  Once I got reconnected with the family before Chinese New Year, mom had made a comment that I should write my own blog.  I was (and I’m sure mom will attest to this) never really one to do everything she told me to do.  However, this time, I felt she had a valid point.  I tend to write a lot, I encourage my students to write, so, why not put it down in a blog.

Now, my own personal feelings about what a blog is, is exactly that – personal.  I feel that a blog is an outlet.  Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to TELL people what you want to say.  Sometimes, you get interrupted when you are speaking, and lose your train of thought.  Other times, you just feel like talking, and no one listens.  Well, on a blog, maybe no one can hear you, but they can certainly ‘read’ you!

It matters not whether people respond.  It matters not whether they agree with you.  It matters not whether they disagree with you.  It matters not whether people read the damn or not.  It is an outlet for me to say what I want without someone interrupting me.  Yes, as an English teacher, I do tend to talk a lot.  That is my job.  That is what I do.  That is what I get paid for.  To talk.  I want my kids to write, so, I should set the example – IN MY OPINION!

One of the teachers I work with has a blog.  They’ve had it for several years – 5 years that I know of.  I had only been on looked at the blog once, about 2 years ago.  Since beginning this blog, I passed my link to this teacher.  At the same time, I decided to have a look at their blog.  Now, for me, I want to write SOMETHING every day.  I looked at the site.  There was a message written about a week or two ago.  The previous message was from AT LEAST 2 years ago.  In fact, it was the last message I saw – 2 years ago.

So there is no set rules or regulations or requirements about what, how often, when or where you have to write a blog.  In fact, if you don’t want to write, who cares?  I think though, that, no matter the subject, if you write, they will read.  Who cares what its about.  Write about your stupid neighbours.  Write about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/kids/pets.  Write about your favourite T.V. show/dis-favourite T.V. show.  Write about the weather.  Write about your toes!  The main thing is, write.  Keep that grey matter active.

I have [hopefully] encouraged one person in particular, and they know who they are, in keeping their blog alive and active.  Not everyone who reads it will respond.  Not everyone you know, will even read it.  But it is surprising sometimes, to find out who actually does read your blog.  I have a few students who are starting to read it.  One person I know, who works at one of the bushibans, is reading MY BLOG to improve his English – God help him!  If nothing else, maybe he’ll understand how we ‘lao-whai ren’ (foreign person) speak normally.  Maybe he’ll pick up bad habits in writing or speaking, but that will only help him when (and if) he travels to an English country – I hope!

In fact, this same person told me yesterday that I hadn’t written anything in my blog.  What he didn’t realize, was that I wrote it around noon, instead of my usual 6am-ish time.  Imagine my surprise.  First, I didn’t realize he was even reading my blog, but that he was following it enough to know that I hadn’t written anything – AT MY USUAL TIME!!  Hahaha.

Conclusion?  Write.  Don’t worry if you’re not getting comments.  Don’t worry that it seems like you’re writing into thin air.  The fact that what you do put down in your blog, will be there forever – until you delete it or all the computers in the world are destroyed at the same time.  Cherish the comments you do receive.  Get excited when someone does not agree with you.  Bask in the fact that someone DOES agree with you, and that you aren’t the only person out of 6,000,000,000 others that thinks this way.

Keep your mind and soul active.  When we stop, that’s when life ends.


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  1. Pat

    As I told “the other person ” I enjoy reading three blogs each morning. It has become a ritual of 1-3 /work. Reading these blogs have made me laugh and yes at times a tear or two has been shed. A blog is a diary of sorts. It is not important if is is read by anyone nor should you care if someone agrees with what you had to say on a particular day. What is important is to write what is on your mind and in your heart. So keep on blogging . How about getting a nice DOG to keep those cats company!

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