March 1, 2010

Last night, I posed a question on my profile page on Facebook.  I asked:

Would you rather a) go back in time, but remain the way you are now, or b) turn back the clock, but remain in the here and now??

Interesting question, no?  I’ve given it a bit of thought myself.  Don’t ask what brought on this question, because quite frankly, I’m not really sure myself.  I think it may have had something to do with a statement by Darlene Jacklin-McIntosh, who said, “I wish I could turn back time!




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3 responses to “March 1, 2010

  1. Robin

    If I were to turn back the clock, but remain in the here and now, would I be able to make changes to things I’ve done and said in the past? This might be something I’d like to do. Not that I have any regrets or anything, but there may be things I would have wanted to deal with differently. But if so, couldn’t that somehow change how I am in the here and now? Because I wouldn’t want to change the way I am at all. Everything I have done or said in the past has brought me to where and who I am right now, and I definitely wouldn’t want that to change at all.

    Or would it mean that I could just add some time to my life (by turning the clock back)? Very interesting…

    I do know that I would not want to go back in time as I am now. Although it may be interesting to live in a different time period, it’s not who I am.

  2. Pat

    The person that I am today is the result of what has come before. I truly believe that you cannot go back in time and change even the tiniest would have/could have/should have..without causing a” butterfly” effect. Who we have become as adults has been earned by victories and failures. We are all part of what has been and what will be. So no,I wish neither to go back nor to start anew. I am content to live in the now as I am, enjoying watching the wonderful adults that my children have become and feeling the love of extended family

  3. Robin

    I didn’t realize this blog wasn’t finished….I just thought maybe you had decided to sign your blogs with a “W”…

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